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Salam Muhammed

Google Ads Expert - Handling 5 Cr Google Ads in Every Quarter

What to expect out of this consultation?

Detailed Look At Performance

We’ll closely examine and analyse every possible aspect of your ads account to improve results.

Customised strategies
for you

Find suggestions to customize your Google Ads strategy for a more profitable ROI.

Budget Optimisation Tips

Discover areas of ad spending that aren’t effective, and find out where to concentrate your budget for the best ROAS

Targeting And Creative Ideas

Get advice from us on making your ads reach the right people and making them more appealing for increased results.

Understand The Google Ads

Make sense of Google Ads for your business with a straightforward approach

Extended Support

The initial 30 minutes is just the start; we’ll support you until we achieve better performance through follow-up.

You Have Two Choices

Keep spending your money on Google Ads without knowing if it’s worth it.


Have experts review your account to maximize your returns.

Keep in Mind

You've invested quite a bit, so let's enhance your campaign and manage your budget wisely with a Rs. 399 Google Ads Audit.

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How do you know if your Google Ads need a Audit ?

A Google Ads Audit is right for you if...

Your ads are getting more expensive, but they're not giving you the results you need.

It's not clear if the current implementation of the Google Ads strategy is correct.

Even with changes to your ads and budget, the ad conversion, CTR, and CPC are not showing improvement.

If you're getting clicks, impressions, and conversions, you probably think your ads are doing well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The link to book the call will be sent to you right away once the payment is completed.

Totally secure! your info is our priority. we stick to strict privacy standards and won't share, or misuse your details. once the audit is done, any access we had is removed.

If you have multiple Google Ads accounts, we can audit each one separately. Contact us directly for potential bundled discounts based on the number of accounts.

Slot availability relies on demand and our calendar. You should be able to find open slots within 1-2 days, and booking early lets you choose the date and time you want.

To receive valuable feedback, your monthly spending on Google Ads should be a minimum of INR 30,000. If your spending is less than INR 30K, please avoid scheduling this call.



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